Saturday, October 29, 2016


I got to see the Thoms Family for the first time since my dad's funeral, 14 years and 4 days ago. I can't say that we've ever lost touch thanks to Facebook or that I ever knew them all that well prior to then. But when they left today, my heart ached. They brought a piece of home with them when they came by for lunch and when they left, it hurt. They are a piece of my past; my little desert city; of my dad. We talked little about him today, but the little we did say, was a good reminder that they knew a different man than I did. They were grown ups, I was a spoiled child when he died. They were good friends. I was a crappy selfish daughter. I wish I had a whole afternoon to sit down and talk with Tammy. There is so much I want to say and so much I want to ask her about. I wonder if she knew that I felt like an orphan the minute my dad died. I'm thinking about writing her a letter since I don't know when I'll see her again. I miss that city. I miss the people that I love so much, my old friends that I grew up with and left 18 years ago. I wonder if all of us "Ridgecrestians" feel this way from time-to-time. Good or bad, there's nothing like the small town you grew up in and the people that remain there that you love. Sometimes I feel like I just haven't been home in a long time, not like 14 years have passed. I feel like I could drive back down my old street, to my cute little house, walk in, and my dad would still be sitting in the recliner watching TV grumbling at me for not coming home for so long.