Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don't Blink. Time Flies.

My Bella,

Today is Sunday, June 12, 2016. You are almost done with 7th grade and I’m planning your 13th birthday in a few weeks. Had someone told me a year ago that today, you’d no longer be my baby girl, I never would have believed it! This time last year, you’d jump at the chance to leave and go shopping alone with me. You'd still hold my hand when we’d go out. You’d often come into my room and watch TV with me. Now, you want to stay home (alone), hang out in your room, and you always have earphones connecting you to your world. You have a new group of friends, listen to new music, and you have a new sense of self and a great love for who you are with no apologies.  You came out of the shell that held you in just a year ago but I miss you. I miss the little girl that you were. I miss your giggles and your awkwardly short jeans with your dirty Nikes. I miss your messy pony tail and your, "I love you mom’s” that you once gave to me so freely. Its been an amazing year of transformation but please be patient with mom as sometimes it’s really hard to let go of the little girl I once had.

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