Friday, December 31, 2010

So ready for a New Year!

A year ago today, I had been married 7 years and One day. I was a stay at home mom, living comfortably in our beautiful 4,000 sq. ft. home on the hill with a view of the city. I was driving my kids to a private school that we loved, in my big Suburban, having coffee & playdates with girlfriends several times a week, and surely taking for granted all the precious days that I got to spend with my children at home. I cried almost every time I was alone and was almost 30 pounds heavier...
... 365 days later...My marriage is over. My home is gone. A new school for the kids. A new more economical car. My life as a stay at home mom- over permantntly. My last Grandma has passed away on Christmas. My only Aunt so so sick with dementia that she has no idea as to who I am. I have a life that I NEVER would have beleived you if you told me about it a year ago, and yet, somehow, I feel oddly blessed.

I learned more about life, human nature, and thankfulness this past year than I've experienced in all my other years combined. I learned how much the human spirit is able to tolerate before it hits a breaking point. I've relied on my mom and my friends in ways I never thought I'd need to. I've seen just how kind AND cruel someone can be.

In 2011, I really hope I make the most of my Quality time spent with my girls and not focus on the Quanity that I no longer have. I want to pour more into my friendships that have stood beside me so steadfast this past year. I'm going to be thankful for a great man who came into my life (eventhough most of my friends just don't get it- but that's ok). I'm going to work on my relationship with the Lord and work on rebuilding the trust issues I have in Him then I'm going to sit back and wait on his promises for my girls and I while I figure out just where my place in this world exactly is. Hope everyone has big plans for 2011!

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Sarah Webb said...

Nobody understand why I'm with Ryan either, he is like a breath of fresh air. Here's to the best year of your life, Lorayne!