Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since our move..

So it’s been a little over a week, on my own..& I’m not even sure that all that all the changes have really sunk in yet. As of now, I’m feeling at peace. I’ve let new people in my life who have brought me change in prospective & made me realize that I’m stronger than I’ve ever thought to be. I’ve been able to see old friendships strengthen. I’ve also been able to prune back those who really don’t belong there anymore. Throughout this journey I’ve been able to see that people, not just me, as whole are not pretty. Maybe it’s human nature that we love people in our life when all the pretty sparkly stuff exists on the outside but when we are open & honest about the ugly, people are quick to not love so much. With that, I’m sure in the next month or so, I’ll see more pruning of those people occur- bring on the backlash of what people’s perceptions probably will be.

The girls are starting their 2nd week of school. They don’t love it. They wish they were at CCS still, but I pray that they will learn to love this school or I pray that we hit the lottery & can send them back. They are also adjusting to being with me on the weekday and daddy on the weekends. I miss them every second that they are away from me. They seem to like the apartment but don’t like that Mom works all the time. I’d like to say that I have a “year plan” which sounds silly because I’ve always had a 5 year plan. But realistically I can just take it week-by-week at this point and continue to pray for wisdom in making my decisions.