Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

So, I'm all about the photos (and the friends) this month. December is always an amazing reminder of my blessings. I'm always blessed by Christmas with my kids & celebrating my wedding anniversary. This month, I got to celebrate Ryann's baby shower AND spend time with three amazing friends that I haven't seen in at least 6 years. My friend Caby, whom I met in the 5th grade, flew down from Arizona for Ryann's shower. We were in San Diego about 7 years ago the last time we hung out. We spent a brief time together at our High School reunion in '06. I also hadn't seen my friend Cheryl in 6+ years. Then last night, Amber came to stay with her 4 daughters. We became friends in the 11th grade & were insepperable. We haven't seen each other since Isabella was 5 months old. I won't lie when I say, after saying goodbye to her, I cried all the way home. I don't know when I'm going to see her again and I'm left feeling such a loss that our kids can't grow up together. As different as we are 15 years later, we just fit.
With all of these friendships, they are easy, the burdon is light. Maybe it's unconditional love, great understanding of who people are, history, who knows. But it's special. They feel like family. It's a great reminder that friendship is supposed to be that, "easy". It's not supposed to be dramatic or confrentational. Not everyone is a "fit" and you shouldn't have to earn it. Sometimes you can even go years and it feels like not a week has passed. That's how friendship should be. It's a great reminder to pour more into the people you love most. I've really been blessed this month.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sidenote: I'm back..

So where have I been the past two months? Redefining myself a bit I guess. The past few months have been a huge period of growth and this time, it had to be a very private one. After leaving a ministry at Church very abruptly, that has hugely helped identify me the past six years, I did have a lot of figuring out to do. I had to learn to forgive, to move on, to not define my worth by my my acts of service or even a "title" carried. I've learned that my acts of service need to come first in my home. I've learned that trust is a precious thing, be thoughtful as to whom you give it to. I've accepted that being up front and honest (eventhough it can hurt) is always better than talking about people behind their backs, even if it makes you appear abrasive. Transparancy is a big thing right? Anyhow, here I am two months later... no regrets.. Only thankfulness for things learned, good done, the very best friends that a girl could ever ask for, and a Church that I'm ever greatful for.