Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Knowing who you are.

Do you ever feel like you are under personal attack? So much so that it does make you take a step back & check your motives, when all along you've thought them to be pure? In 2009, I've lost oppertunities & "friends" so I've thought.. but I like to beleive the Lord has a way of weeding people out of your life (even if it's not pretty) who don't belong there. It's a great reminder to watch who you give the earned title of "friend" to. I also beleive that he also steers you away from what seems like a great thing in order to make room for bigger things in your life (even if you go kicking & screaming).

You have to remember that the devil is the king of deception. He is real and he knows our weaknesses. He can use people, christians, non-christians to find your weaknesses. Satin is able to take things said & motives you've had had & twist them to his favor so that your words and actions take on a different meaning, depending on the audience. It seems as if people just wait for that "Christian" to step out of line, say something wrong, act inappropriately, or act imperfectly (which of course you will). So much that they'll place their own thoughts to a situation in place of yours just to find you in the wrong . Sometimes I think people want you to fall. But don't beleive it. Pick yourself back up and continue on your best. You won't always be perfect. Lean into the Lord. Trust in him. Ask him to pick you up & give you strength. Ask him to keep your motives clear and pure.

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Murillo Family said...

The people who want to see you fall are of no use to you at all. Remember that where ever you go there will be footprints in the sand-sometimes yours and sometimes you will be carried through by God. Nobody is perfect if you were you would already be up in Heaven. Hang in there!
P.S. Could you e-mail me your new address, we have some cards for the girls. kristimurillo@yahoo.com