Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hearing about The Rock.

Sometimes, just when things in your life look bad, something happens to someone you love that adds a new light to your life. Yesterday one of my friend's husband's up & left. They have two little boys together. So we did what we always do in times of crisis, we banded together to pray, to hug, and show support. At church this morning, we all sat in a row side-by-side, I looked to my left & saw my sometimes-very-under-appreciated husband, to my right, my friend Loretta who's husband passed in February, and looking further down the row, I counted my blessings for each of these women, all being so special in my life.

Then within the first 20 minutes of the sermon, quite literally a rock was moved from my heart. The questions that haven't been allowing me to sleep for days have been, " why me Lord, when all I do is serve you? "Why am I not in your favor?" "Where are my extra blessings?" "Why do I do all of this?" These question s were all simply answered as, "You get to serve the Lord" that's what I get in return. I was making it all about me. Sure, I'll take the good stuff but when the bad stuff comes, boy do I take it personally. I need to remember that in good or bad, I have been called to him. In that calling, my life has been changed forever, my family has been changed forever. I need to concentrate more on the rock and invest more of my security in him. . Today I was taken out of my normal paradigm and brought to look at things a bit differently. Did hearing what I heard today answer all of my problems? No way. But do I feel so much better? Oh yes. I can't wait for today to be posted on Crosssroads' website, I'm looking forward to hearing it again, and catch probably a few things that I missed. Wheww....

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jamiede319 said...

Great post, Lorayne. God is beginning to answer all of your questions from the last post. I love it when He works like that. Sorry to hear about your loss with the builder. It makes me think about Philippians 3:8. Darn it, that's a tough verse to live out. I'm praying for you.