Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

I remember 4th of July 6 years ago. I was plugged into a million machines at Hoag Hospital waiting for Isabella to arrive. Outside my room, we could hear the fireworks go off and the festivities below going on around us. My stomach was churning not only at the anticipation & anxiety of our first child but also because I literally could feel my youth being pushed out of me. I could hear the crowds at the beach below & wondered if I'd ever have fun like that again now that I was about to be a mom & I wondered just how life was going to change.

Flash forward six years, as every year since Isabella's arrival, every time I hear fireworks, all I can think about is the day my little baby was born (sidenote: she was not born on 7/4 but I was in labor for 24 hours!). The sound reminds me of how I walked into a hospital room one day and walked out a completely different person the next. Every priority I ever had was reorganized. When Isabella was born, I completely learned about selfless love. I learned what really was to be tired & sleepless. I learned what it was like to worry so much that you nearly feel paralyzed. I learned that one simple word or action can bring you to tears. I learned about what love and life is really about. I thought I had some of those things figured out prior to having her but in hindsight, I really had no clue.

So this Holiday weekend is really my Mother's day, one of the days I celebrate most. The day that changed my life forever. Today we spent an amazing day with our girl on her 6th birthday. We just took time out to celebrate her and feel so greatful for her. We are just in awe of how quickly the days truly go.

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Murillo Family said...

Happy Birthday Bella!
Love, Maya
P.S. Tell Sophia Happy (late) Birthday too!!