Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm back!

So, last night was the last meeting of 2009 Spring Semester of M2M which means, I'm officially back! This was a very interesting year. I took the first semester off to get aquainted to baby Alyssa and to get us moved to South Corona. I felt called back to join the second semester and go somewhere totally new, the Monday morning group. I didn't really know anyone (accept Lisa & Kim) and to be honest after the first meeting, I didn't really want to go back. It's so akward being the new girl - anywhere, even at my age! But when we closed out yesterday, I had nothing short of a completely greatful heart for the semester spent with this new group of ladies. I made several new friends.. great friends. During this time, so many answers were revealed to me. (You can go back to my first blog post of the year). It was decided that yes, Mom2Mom is a priority in my life...held higher than anything else I could possibly find to do with my life aside from my family. It's with this ministry that my heart truly belongs. I was able to into a new group, in a new position and in the end was told, "be thankful for what it was, but you belong back in your old position, in your old group" which was the furthest thing I would have ever imagined 5 months ago.

If you don't know what M2M is, it is a group of women formally called MOPS. Our church just decided to take it on our own & get rid of the MOPS chapter. In the nearly 5 years I've served with this group, I've literally seen more lives change that I could ever count. I've made more of the closet relationships that I've ever had. I myself, have changed so much that I don't even recognize the person that I was prior to being in this group. I have a new set of eyes. I have a greatfulness in my heart & a love for other people (moms in particular) that I can't explain. It's a lot of unpaid work, but payment comes in a different form. It is here that I learned to not be selfserving. It's where I learned what it was really like to serve others. Knowing that I'm a small part in making big life changes for other women, that trickles down into marriages and into raising children, feels amazing. It feels amazing to be back apart of something so meaningful. I can't wait to start out the new year... big things are coming!

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Lizzy said...

I totally agree! Thank you for coming back! I have to admit that as I opened up to you, I realized that I love you! God bless you and 'HURRAY' for the upcoming year! XOXOXO