Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tired of thinking about money!

October of this year will make the 3 year mark since we found the "devil home" as I so fondly like to call it. Back then, we were sitting so finacially set, with no way to see where we'd be right now. I'd like to think that we were getting into that home with the very best intentions, to have a home for our growing family and my mom & Jerry. We were looking at these homes, Toll Brothers homes, and a home I loved off of Garretson Ave., completely more than we needed, but I personally was becoming very fogged by everything.. more, bigger, better!! Completely forgetting to be thankful, humble, & appreciative. We were not praying about financial situations before jumping into them...completely loosing sight that this money wasn't ours but only borrrowed to us by the Lord. Sure we were tithing & donating here & there, being generous when needed, but was our mindset in the correct place? Would we have the views on money if we had not gone through what we've been through the past two years? We must have needed a BIG wake up call.

We now meet with the judge in early July. He will determine if we deserve to get our $70K deposit back. It's only April and I'm nervously in prayer about this every day. Every day I'm asking for favor & grace. I'm thankful for everything we've learned but am ready for this blessing to come our way! Now with a different set of eyes, I don't want to take that money and have it spent in several months on things we don't need, I'd like to have it to be able to buy the home we are living in & pay our kids' tuition for the year. After a few years of having lessons kicked into us, I'd like a little break.


Murillo Family said...

I will add you to our prayer list at school on Tuesday. Hang in there.

Kenna said...

*sigh* I just can't believe you are still fighting this battle! It seems to have been worth it in the end because of what you have learned and how you have grown but still thats a mighty long and tiring battle to be waging. I'll also be asking God that the judge has favor on you.

Lizzy said...

I know it is true that God keeps us from BIG trials, when He's protecting us through SMALL trials. You have found favor in the Lord, not because you deserve it, but because He's merciful and sees your newly-learned attitude. Sending my love and prayers!