Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two quick mommy confessions- shh.. don't tell anyone.

Knowing that when we walked in the door from preschool at 11:30 that I would have to be back out the door by 12:45 for parent/teacher conferences, I was in a rush against time to get two girls a quick nap. In one arm, I held sleepy Alyssa, and in the other, I struggled to fill her bottle. I quickly laid Alyssa in her crib and handed her full bottle to her. I handed it to her not realizing I forgot to screw the nipple of her bottle on and drenched her. Milk up her nose, in her eyes, in her ears, all over her bed, clothes and hair. She let out a blood curdling scream and almost started to choke. Out of reaction, I grabbed pooh baby to clean up the mess (another bad idea). I quickly ripped off her sheet, ran downstairs to refill the bottle & grab the top of the bottle, changed her and laid a soft blanket down in her crib to lay her on. Still with her hair wet from the milk and handed her her milky wet Pooh baby. If it wouldn't have been cruel to do so, I would have taken a photo of it as I can't beleive one bottle of milk could possibly do so much damage. It's now 25 minutes before we have to leave the house and my once exausted baby is still upstairs wide awake in the crib playing after the shock.

Confession number two is that after I quickly shoved lunch down Sophia, I put in her in bed for her nap with her shoes on (hoping she would forget and she did). I figured I could save 5 minutes of having to re-tie her converse before leaving the house. I figure you've got to cut corners where you can.

These confessions were made public for my friend Mary as this morning during a long conversation, she told me.. "You are so good. You have it all together, You are like mom of the year." Why yes, Mary.. I do have it all together huh? Make you feel better? ha ha..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tired of thinking about money!

October of this year will make the 3 year mark since we found the "devil home" as I so fondly like to call it. Back then, we were sitting so finacially set, with no way to see where we'd be right now. I'd like to think that we were getting into that home with the very best intentions, to have a home for our growing family and my mom & Jerry. We were looking at these homes, Toll Brothers homes, and a home I loved off of Garretson Ave., completely more than we needed, but I personally was becoming very fogged by everything.. more, bigger, better!! Completely forgetting to be thankful, humble, & appreciative. We were not praying about financial situations before jumping into them...completely loosing sight that this money wasn't ours but only borrrowed to us by the Lord. Sure we were tithing & donating here & there, being generous when needed, but was our mindset in the correct place? Would we have the views on money if we had not gone through what we've been through the past two years? We must have needed a BIG wake up call.

We now meet with the judge in early July. He will determine if we deserve to get our $70K deposit back. It's only April and I'm nervously in prayer about this every day. Every day I'm asking for favor & grace. I'm thankful for everything we've learned but am ready for this blessing to come our way! Now with a different set of eyes, I don't want to take that money and have it spent in several months on things we don't need, I'd like to have it to be able to buy the home we are living in & pay our kids' tuition for the year. After a few years of having lessons kicked into us, I'd like a little break.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Will this day ever end?

At 7am, I woke Bill up & looked around thinking "okay, what are the priorities?" Looking at my bed, I asked, "Lord, let me wash all the bedding another day" within 10 minutes there was baby poop on those sheets. By 8am, Isabella & Sophia were screaming to the death at each other (as they have been for nearly 9 days), Sophia in hystercial frustrated tears. By 9am I had already unleashed to Bill in the kitchen that I just couldn't do it all. I also advised him to quit giving me advice unless it was something that could tangibly help me (like a phone number for a good housekeeper or Super Nanny). By 10am, we were already at Chuck E. Cheese. This is probably my only peaceful time of the day. Who would have thought I'd have to go to Chuck E. Cheese to have a little peace. Isn't that backwards? It's now 4pm. I've cleaned the kitchen, swept floors, cleaned up playdough, & paint projects, done 3 loads of laundry, changed bedding in 2 rooms, cleaned all 3 girls bedrooms, cleaned a bathroom, made dinner, and looking around my house, it's still dirty.

While folding the laundry today, I actually daydreamed about going back to work. You know, maybe working 8am-3pm, then coming home to the kids who maybe would behave for me since they had been with a sitter all day. I think anything would be less hard than the job I've signed up to do now. Even as I sit here now, trying to clear my head, I hear screaming from the back yard. Sophia just touched something she shouldn't have & war is about to ensue at any moment! If I have to hear one more child tattle on one another tonight, I might just lay my head on the counter and cry. I'm becoming speechless when they fight, not even knowing what do anymore.

Tonight is an amazing service at church. Tonight is also a girl-get-together at Annies. I should go to Church. But I'd really like girl-time and wine. Based on how the next 2 hours go, will probably determine my evening. For now, I'm going to put the stuff manacotti in the oven eventhough Sophia has already professed that she'd rather starve than eat the food I've made tonight. Ugg.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So what happened yesterday?

So if you are in my circle of the world, the biggest buzz on facebook was what occured at Crossroads Church yesterday. I'm sure tons of people are wondering what the buzz was about. I posted that yesterday was a day at church that I will remember the rest of my life. A day later, I still feel the same way.
At the end of the 9am service yesterday, our Pastor asked. "what is keeping you from being baptized right now?" " Take off your shoes & jewelry, we have plastic bags. You won't get your car wet, we have trash bags. If you are worried about your clothing being too revealing, we have black shirts." As I was listening to this and as it was going through my mind, I was thinking, "how amazing if a handful of people came up to do this" (If you aren't familiar with my church, we have a rather large stadium that seats around 2,000 ppl and usually have between 5-6,000 people on any given Sunday)As soon as the music kicked on, people started flooding down the isle. Song after song, people were jumping into these tanks in the front of the room. I heard the response was the same at the 11am service. I went back to collect towels to wash at the 6pm service and the response was the same. At the end of the day 513 people were baptized. If I could say that I ever "felt" God, it was yesterday and I still don't have the words to do it justice.