Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have Pooh!

So here is the end of a very long saga! Last Tuesday, we went to watch Bella's chapel at the Plex at Church, dropped Sophia off to school, met Jamie for breakfast, & went to the store. Somewhere in there, I carelessly lost Alyssa's pooh baby. I had lost the friend that soothes her to sleep every day & calms any of her cries. I sent a photo to my friends at church so everyone could keep an eye out, went back to every location we went to (twice), and I began a frantic search on ebay. Of course this pooh turns out to be a retired disney exclusive so 3 existed on ebay ranging from $34-$74! I searched every small auction site on the web- no luck. Thinking I would be spending $74 on this bear (inc. shipping), I did what any other desperate mom would do (on a budget) I sold two of my pairs of Coach sandals on ebay (oh yes, I did) for some quick extra cash in my paypal account. Funny, when I was purging through my closet 2 weeks ago, there was no way I could let go of these shoes, but in a pinch, they became so easy to let go of.

Day after day I couldn't get Alyssa to sleep. Forget about daytime naps and how many times did she have to wake up each night? No other bear or lovey would do, she just threw everything aside and screamed. I was frantic trying to get this bear quicker than anyone on ebay could get it to me, knowing we were headed for a camping trip for the weekend. I posted this baby on Facebook & the Eastvale message board in hopes some mommy would have one of these bears stuffed in a corner with a million other stuffed animals. I even joined a Winnie the Pooh lovers Yahoo group. Finally, I found a seller of the Pooh Bear who was located in LA ( Hooray! I could drive there) but in a last ditch effort, the seller was gracious enough to make a trip to fed-ex & have it priority overnighted to Bill's office. We were able to pick up the baby on our way out of town on Friday. Instant Releif. Alyssa started sleeping again. She was happy in the car ride. Her friend is finally back. Too funny.


rymitch said...

HOORAY!!! Look at that happy little face! Way to go, Mommy.

Lizzy said...

Oh my Lord, too funny! Just amazing to see her happy little face! XOXO

Kenna said...

I LOVE that you sold your shoes to get her her pooh bear!!! You are an awesome mom!!