Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out with the old!

So, I was just asked, "where have you been this week?" Truth be told, I haven't been out that much because I've been purging! I've spent my free time going through the 9 bins of my girls clothing in the garage as well as my closet. Over the years, I've lived quite a life of excess and even though I've enjoyed "spending with reckless abandonment" as my husband so fondly calls it, I have felt pretty heavy when it comes to the amount of posessions we have in our home.

This week, Craigs list became a good buddy. Out went way too many baby items that I have in the house along with oil paintings & a coffee table collecting dust. I've also got enough items on ebay to keep me busy the next month. Does a 3 year old really need Juicy sweat suits? Really? Is that really the message I want her to have on her back? Call it a diet of the economy or call it just growing up, but getting rid of these items feels really good. It feels awesome to make extra money to pay off an extra bill or have extra money to take the girls on that extra camping trip. I'm feeling like it was so silly to even own some of these things and am constantly reminded of "where your treasure is, your heart lies also" which I feel I need to be doing a better job of living. I'm now really aware that my girls are watching. They are constantly watching what is valuable to me and taking it all in. I want them to know what is truly valuable. Did I get rid of everything? Well, heck no, you never know when a stay at home mom is going to need to go to a black tie event that requires wearing of my last pair of Stuart Weitzmans. Baby steps.

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Lizzy said...

Haha, baby steps is right. I need to do this too...sounds very liberating!

Love your blog, God BLess. ;D