Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's day!

What a funny holiday- even those who are not Irish become so festive today. Today is a day of pure self indulgence. Am I a little jealous? Maybe.. it seems like not that long ago, I looked forward to St. Paddy's day. Either taking the day off or heading straight to Muldoon's or Malarkey's after work for my fair share of green beer!

Fast forward less than a decade...This morning started off going head to head with my five hear old over what St. Paddy's outfit to wear. Do I wear the Shamrock shirt with jeans or the St. Paddy's pants AND what about the green hair accessory? This was how my daughter's morning began. She tried to bribe Sophia out of her jewled St. Patrick's day shirt. She became unglued while trying to decide between the white or black shamrock socks. She became so frustrated that she just exclaimed that she didn't want to go to school at all & threw herself on the bed.

Now, everyone is off to school, Bella has her green lunch & both girls are in festive clothes and I'm knee deep in the after math of cupcakes, broccoli salad, & green lemonade for the afterschool park festivities for the kids. We're going to try & hit 2 park dates after school pick up at 1:30. Then hopefully we'll be home in time to make dinner, do homework, & give baths & be in bed by 7pm.

I'm going to imagine sitting at Malarkey's with girlfriends with not a care in the world. I don't even think I own any green shirts. Thanks to Ryann's mom, I have green St. Patricks socks to wear (love those holiday packages) I will enjoy St. Patrick's day redifined.


Whitaker said...

I'm looking forward to holidays with crazy kids running around and fun snacks to make! I know it must be exhausting but you are a great Mommy and you are creating memories that your girls will enjoy for years to come. (Aren't my Momsy's holiday packages just the best?) Love you guys!!! Happy St. Patty's!

Pamee said...

I LOVE it!! HAHAHA!! My sister always makes corned beef and cabbage on this day... I NEVER learned - HAHA!!