Friday, February 6, 2009


I think it's amazing how one sentence can spark anger and upset and how ultimately it can be turned into words that are not said and opinions viewed that weren't even there. I spent my night last night very upset and even more upset this morning at someone who is angry at me for feelings I don't even have. I can't beleive that even in your 30's this goes on between women still. I'm so very bothered by it because it's from a person, though maybe we are not "friends", I really did like her. But now, I'm afraid the damage has been done and whatever friendship we did have is probably gone. I'm going to just chalk it up as God has a way of weeding people out of your life who don't need to be there. Also I'm going to remind myself that I'm just too old to have people in my life who are more concerned about letting their feelings be voiced then to take account anyone elses feelings. I'm going to shake it off & not let it ruin my day. I'm going to wish her & her gorgous children the very best.


Murillo Family said...

I totally agree, didn't we leave all that behind when we graduated from High School? You are a wonderful person and who ever cannot see that is blind! Never mind what others think and you will be happy! Shouldn't women (and especially mothers) support and help each other instead of being critical and CREATING drama?

Robyn said...

The same thing happened tome recently. It was after I spoke my opinion and it wasn't directed at anyone in particular. It was taken offensively and I felt so hurt that I couldn't feel free to voice my opinion. I remembered that Jesus warned us that we would be ostracized for speaking out. He was too, wasn't he?
And of course, I'm dying to know exactly what happened to you. Just saying.