Friday, February 13, 2009

Goodbye Crappy week.. hello to the weekend!

This morning I went to Loretta's & met up with a couple other Mom2Mom gals to clean Loretta's house before she has a house full of people after tomorrow's services. I was so glad to get to hug her & see that outwardly she looked great. Cleaning her house was hard. Not her house, her home, looking at all the photos of a happy husband, wife, & beautiful little boys. You could see what a home and what a life they had made together. Just like any other home you could see the things that made them, them. Who they were together. How in one split second, everything has now changed. The word "Family" is now redefined for the Lamb family. I cried all the way home for her.

This tragidy seems to be one amongst many this week...Miss CeCe, my daughter's teacher, who over the years, I've become so very fond of, is probably as we speak waiting for her mother to pass as they've had to "unplug" her. Our family got the news of just how very serious his cancer is and soon have to deal with the fact that he may not be here much longer. My friend Traci, is loosing her father-in-law to cancer complications. Her daughter Kiana, was pulled out of class today to say her goodbyes Isabella said. When I got home today, I came home to an email that Paymaan, a close friend of ours got laid off (they have 3 little boys).

I've tried to avoid watching the news and seem to be praying all day long for friends, for health, for victory in our family. I work hard at trying not to lean on my own understanding, trust in the Lord with all my heart. But with such sadness going on around you, it can become overwhelming.

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