Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to run down the street ..

And not come back.. for at least a few hours... I'm finally sitting to what was the longest day. It started off normal overall. I enjoyed a great 9:30am breakfast w/ my girlfriends Jamie & Kathy but somehow I didn't make it home with the kiddos until 5pm tonight. Today, I made several trips to Crossroads, to the grocery store, several food places, listened to my insufferable children refuse their dinner yet another night, tried picking mounds of glitter off of scalps (thanks Anita), fit in a glass of wine with friends, helped my oldest with her Penguin report, AND again for the second day revived my middle daughter after holding her breath until she passed out (didn't actually think kids did that did you?)
I'm quite often made fun of for keeping my kids on a schedule the way I usually do. The day usually tends to be pretty structured, the girls expect the same thing every evening followed by an early bedtime. Today, we didn't follow it, and we all suffered. Point blank, if you don't run your kids on a schedule, you are a damn fool.. no wonder you are stressed and miserable (and you know who you are). I have full confidence that tomorrow, I will be the world's best mom and do everything right. Tonight however, I'm throwing in the towel & will have another glass of wine

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